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Ice Cream Scoop Sizes - Choosing The Correct Size For The Job

There is nothing more enticing to see than a dessert that is topped with your favorite ice cream. However, what is particularly appealing is the beautiful spherical shape that ice cream servers top on your shake or dessert. Some come in large balls while others are scooped in small spirals like one beautiful icy croissant. The different sizes of ice cream spheres are all related to the sizes of the ice cream scoop or disher. And there are plenty.

A Scoop on Disher and Cookie Scoop Sizes In the United States ice cream scoops are classified into different sizes relative to their quart fractions. This means that the number size of a particular ice scoop or disher is inversely proportional to a quart. A quart is equivalent to 946.353 milliliters in the Metric system or 4 cups in the household system of measurement. So, if you see a Size 6 ice cream scoop, then this is 1/6 of a quart or roughly 158 mL. A much simpler way of using the Size 6 ice cream scoop in this example is that you will need 6 level scoops of a Size 6 ice cream scoop to fill a quart. So if you have a Size 4, that is equivalent to ΒΌ quart or approximately 1 cup of ice cream. Equally there is a correlation between scoop sizes and ounces as well.

Ice Cream Scoop Sizes Chart - Each size of ice cream scoops is color-coded as follows: (this is the same for the cookie scoop size chart as well)

Size 4 orange

Size 5 teal

Size 6 white

Size 8 gray

Size 10 ivory

Size 12 green

Size 16 blue

Size 20 yellow

Size 24 red

Size 30 black

Size 40 orchid

Size 50 rust

Size 60 pink

Size 70 plum

* Size 100 orange

As you may notice, there are gaps in between sizes. It should be understood that these are just nominal classification of the ice cream scoop size simply because there exist great variability among manufacturers. Additionally, ice cream scoop manufacturers do not carry all sizes. A recent comparison between the nominal ice cream scoop sizes and the actual sizes of 10 of the worlds leading manufacturers of ice cream scoops show that it is very rare for a manufacturer to have its ice cream scoop sizes reflect the true nominal sizes. The greatest variations in ice cream scoop sizes occur in the extremes of ranges, meaning Sizes 4 and 100 although some degree of variability have also been observed in the midrange Sizes of 20 to 40.

Practical Applications of the Ice Cream Scoops Ice cream scoops are not only excellent for scooping your favorite delicacy. In many food establishments they use commercial ice cream scoops, as scoop sizes in food service is very important, the disher or ice cream scoop is also used as a measurement tool especially in the achievement of consistent portioning. For example, hamburger patties may be weighed but instead of using a digital weighing scale, then a Size 4 ice cream scoop may be used to approximate a cup of the meaty patty. This ensures uniformity in measurements. Additional applications include the portioning of the batter for cookies, muffins, and cupcakes. You can also use it to form perfect balls of fruits like melons, papayas, apples, pears, and other fruits. You can make excellent meatballs, canapes, potato balls, rice balls, gelatos, frozen yoghurt, and other delicacies.


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