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What To Look For In A Waffle Maker

Waffles start with batter. Get this recipe right and you have a good starting point for waffle making. The biggest secret of producing perfect waffles time after time however, is the waffle maker machine. Get both those components right and you are guaranteed to have reproducible , perfect waffles.

The machine firstly needs to be capable of producing a consistent, evenly spread heat throughout the baking area. This will ensure that every waffle will be produced with an identical, crispy brown surface and fluffy texture every time. This heat needs to be constantly monitored and controlled, whether using a stove-top waffle iron or the more likely, electric waffle maker found in so many homes today.

The best waffle maker machines are the simple, well made ones. This results in each machine being designed to make make only one type of waffle out of the two major types generally recognized. The classic American waffle that we have all grown up with is relatively thin, when compared with its European cousin, the Belgian waffle. This video shows a review of a Belgian waffle maker for those who have not yet ventured across from classic American waffle makers:

Basically one could say that classic American waffles are thin and crispy with shallow pockets for the ingredients, while the Belgian waffle is thick with crispy surface and fluffy inside. The latter uses deeper pockets that are able to contain the addition of syrup, cream, fruit and I've also been told, sausage and bacon!

Clearly with all this heat about, the outside, particular the handles and/or the controls need to be soft to the touch. No cook wants to be scolded, accidently or otherwise.

Electric waffle makers all come with at least basic controls with the more costly ones usually featuring the most controls, monitoring devices and indicators. Ideally, a machine will feature power on/off, oven temperature, oven ready to cook, cooking timer, cooking complete information by way of mechanical or electric switches, indicator lights or a fully digital display read out.

Removable, non-stick grid plates are essential to allow clean extraction of the completed waffles and saving a lot of time and mess in the cleaning process after use.

You need to decide on a few things before seeking out your ideal waffle maker to purchase. Size and weight are most important. What storage space do you have available? Will it be in fixed location or will you 'get it out' every time you want to use it? In addition, if it is to be stored in open view in the kitchen, will the overall design fit with the decor of the kitchen?

If you want further information on choosing the right waffle maker machine, I would suggest a visit to the ' Best Waffle Makers' website at


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