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Why Is Spicy Food Challenging When It Comes To Wine Pairings?

When it comes to wine pairings, spicy food creates a unique challenge. You want to be able to taste the layers of flavor of the dish and do not want a wine that clashes with the dish. If you prefer red wines to white wines, it will be even more challenging. You do not want a wine that is too sweet or too spicy as they can overpower the food and detract from the overall meal.

In order to find a great wine pairing for your favorite Indian Curry, you will need to determine which wine should be used. Many find that a crisp Zinfandel cleanses the palate, enhances the flavor of the wine and the curry.

What Wines Should You Avoid?

Typically, when you pair a spicy dish with a red wine, you will want to avoid wines that have been aged in oak barrels or have a higher alcohol content. Although these wines can be delicious, they can overpower a spicy dish and ruin a delicious meal. Instead, choose a fruity, low alcohol wine.

The best red wines will be aromatic and slightly fruity. This will complement the spiciness of the dish and create a beautiful contrast. The wine should be light and crisp instead of the many heavy bodied red wines available.

Some Great Red Wine Suggestions

Using the advice from the previous section will help you choose a great wine for your curry; however, if you are new to wine and are looking for a few types of wines that will work, check out the following suggestions.

Beaujolais wine is heavy fruity and can pair deliciously with a spicy dish. Opt for this type of wine, a Merlot or Zinfandel rather than a Cabernet Sauvignon. If the curry is smoky and spicy, why not try out a Malbec wine to pair with the meal. This type of wine helps balance the spiciness and smokiness of the dish. A local treasure in my home town of Loughborough called â Paradise Takeaway âserves up a lovely charcoal grilled sagwala with king prawns in it that went really well with the bottle of Zinfandel i had left over in the fridge⦠yummy !

Three other fruity wines that may work are Vouvray, Albarino and Albarino. These wines do not contain too many tannins and can pair wonderfully with a spicier dish. While these wines can pair beautifully with a curry dish, there are other things to consider. First, you want a wine that has a lower amount of alcohol and has a heavier fruity flavor. This will help to balance the spice of a curry dish.

Following these rules will help you find a great wine to pair with even the spiciest curries offered.


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